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Polly goss - ceo and founder of the innovation league

Polly Goss is the CEO and Founder of The Innovation League. Polly taught English in the UK and was Lead Teacher with The Brilliant Club, before moving to the US. Polly has a Masters in Education from University College London and specialized in gifted pedagogy in urban schools. Polly moved to Cambridge in 2016 with her husband, a graduate student at MIT. Polly loves her new home and being part of the dynamic educational community of Cambridge.

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dr. Rajbir hazelwood - program manager, access ed

Rajbir in her work with Access Ed leads on the support provided to education leaders, to pilot new university access programs across the globe. Rajbir completed her PhD on decolonization at Washington University in St. Louis and was Assistant Professor of Modern British History at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. 

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simon coyle - director and co-founder of access ed and the brilliant club 

As a result of Simon's experiences as a Teach First teacher in a low-income community in London, Simon was motivated to start The Brilliant Club with his friend and colleague Jonny Sobczyk. The Brilliant Club began as an after school project supporting students to develop the knowledge, skills and ambition to progress to highly-selective university. After a successful pilot, Simon and Jonny secured a founding grant and went on to grow The Brilliant Club to become the largest university access charity for secondary school students in the UK.