A New Formula for College Access



The 21st century is a knowledge based economy, for individuals and nations to succeed, higher education has become essential. A college degree gives young people from the bottom income quartile the best chance of escaping poverty. However with an ever growing attainment gap and declining graduation rates, many young people have lost faith in the power of education to change their lives.

Currently around 40% of students who enter college will not graduate within 6 years.  Hundreds and thousands of students will drop out in the first year. The impact on those young people's lives, as well as the economic burden on the country cannot be underestimated. 

4 year competitive colleges have far higher graduation rates than many less selective institutions and give young people the best chance of success.

More needs to be done to help close the attainment gap at K-12 and widen the pool of applicants to competitive colleges. But grades alone, are not the answer: 76% of high achieving low-income students did not even apply to one selective institution.  

Too many of the nation’s most prestigious colleges remain shut off to some of our most talented young people.  

























The Innovation League bridges the gap between competitive universities and students from under-served communities. Students are given the opportunity to experience first hand what it means to study at a competitive institutions. 

The Innovation League's model operates through creating cohorts of like minded young people, who work with PhD students to complete university style research projects.  

The Innovation League's programs are designed to increase students' attainment in three key areas: attainment, aspiration and awareness. 

The  Innovation League believes that through helping these young people to access competitive universities, we will set them on a path to success. 

We hope that through helping these young people to become graduates, we are developing more diverse leaders that will build a better and fairer tomorrow for us all.